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Real Estate Business

Another subsidiary of APP Business Group is Real Estate Business, which is implementing a high-end housing project in Mawlamyine, Mon State. In the Mon Thuwunnabhumi high-end housing project, the house designs are based on the climate conditions of the region, and according to the living system customs of the Mon people, the best materials are designed at an international level. Designed and built by professional engineers with international exposure, the high-end housing project is equipped with features to be included in an upscale property, innovative house designs, 24-hour water/electricity service, security and landscaping services, playgrounds and parks, High-end home decoration neat and clean residential streets, best built with international standard property management services.

The location of the property is also implemented in a quiet and peaceful place with a green environment and fresh air and has received official construction and project implementation permits from the relevant departments and authorities.

In Mon Thuwunnabhumi High-end Real Estate, buyers can build custom house designs that are different from the original house designs, and they can also choose the size of the land to buy.  The buyers can get a solid private plot of land that is dependable and provide their family with high dignity and peaceful and secure family life. It is also planned to make it easier for customers to buy by various methods such as immediate payment purchase, installment payment purchase, purchase with a home- loan plan connected to the bank, and so on.