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The very first business of APP Business Group and the most successful business to date is the battery trading business. The battery trading business has worked to continuously improve in accordance with the modern business system from a small family business and has conducted the import and distribution nationwide of a variety of superior quality batteries from foreign countries. 

We also imported and sold various brands such as BELLCO batteries from Thailand in 2006, TOKYO battery which is manufactured with advanced Japanese technology from Thailand in 2013, TS battery from Vietnam in 2016, FULL POWER battery from Korea in 2020, VOTA batteries from Hong Kong in 2022, and we are still standing as the sole representative of these battery brands in Myanmar.

As a unique new milestone in the battery industry, in addition to conventional batteries, the Deep Cycle Battery type was imported and sold according to the conditions of the times and was extremely popular. good service; good material quality; Due to our fair price and warranty, we have been standing for two generations with a good reputation in Myanmar’s battery industry. The batteries imported and sold by APP Business Group also have a good reputation and have been trusted by customers for many years.