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APP Business Group has also established an electric power business in connection with the battery business, which is the main business and has been importing and selling high-quality international products. As renewable energy preserves the earth and environment, using renewable energy can not only improve the interests of the country but also improve people’s social lives and help the country’s power system. Because of these advantages, not only by solar energy but if only receiving a small amount of electricity from time to time, electricity can be stored and advanced Pure Sine Wave inverters that can be used for home (or) office use, (or) business use (or) large projects are being imported and distributed from Taiwan as the sole representative of Myanmar.

OPTI brand Pure Sine Wave inverters, famous in the world market, are used in family homes, offices/banks/companies, and large hotels, there are various sizes and capacities available for use in large condominiums, small/medium industries, and large projects. Studying and calculating the amounts they will use in selling, an installation by expert engineers using high-quality accessories; Being able to choose and buy batteries to be used in connection with inverters when selling equipment, providing an accurate warranty, and having enough spare parts; International level service is provided by systematically providing after-sales services.


APP Business Group is very proud to sell and service the world-famous OPTI brand Pure Sine Wave Inverters, which are widely used in Asian, African, European, and American countries and have many branches around the world.